Erotica; Double the trouble..or fun


9:30 am

“Oh man thank God it’s Friday” I kept saying this to myself sitting in my 9:30 class. I’m so looking forward to the weekend. I have had the most amazing week (not in a good way). I just had to get through two classes today and I would be home free to get dolled up and drink with my girls. I was feeling myself today. I wore my mini skater skirt, with my suspender stocks, a white t-shirt, my studded denim vest (that I made myself) and my new spiked Jeffery Campbell Litas. Who am I you ask? Well my name is Nicole, Nicki to my family and close friends and AKAlaimed to my sorors and line sisters. And I was in my last semester in college. I could smell graduation and my Degree in Communications.


My thoughts were interrupted by the door slamming and a sexually intoxicating scent of men’s Polo cologne blowing past me.  I looked up to see Rashawn walk pass me with his girl Jessie on his arm. Rashawn was a good friend, we had countless classes together and we were online the same semester, and we’re both track & field Record holders (him for sprinting and 4×4 and me Hammer throw and shotput). No we never dated, but the sexual tension is out of this world. He dated to many females to take him seriously but a good fuck doesn’t have to require feelings right? Lol but any Rashawn stood about 6’4-6’5 and gorgeous chocolate brown skin, with head full manicured locs. He was one of the best sprinters on the track team, so yes his body creates massive water works. I had the lovely pleasure of seeing it up close when we work out together. Even if his body wasn’t one of a God, his facial features was enough for me to just sit and stare.

Now his Girl Jessie, her and I always had tension. They’ve only been together for a few months, but I guess the simple fact that Rashawn and I kind of had an interesting friendship, it clearly made her uncomfortable. But don’t get me wrong, homegirl was always on point. She was about 5’9 with a shoe game that matched mine. Red bone with a beautiful face. She wasn’t very thick in the hips and thighs but she has a great pair of tits lol No I’m not gay, I can just appreciate a beautiful body. I love that she was always snatched to the tee! Always fly even on her laid back days. Her face was always beat to the Gods and that hair was laid just right. On the low I had to give her two snaps!

Class finally ended and as I was heading out the door RaShawn and Jessie stopped me.

“Aye dread-head” He called out to me

“Hey Shawn” I said turning around to face them

“Nicole” Jessie said to me as bland as she could

“Jessie” I made sure to return her same enthusiasm.

“What’s up with you, you hittin the gym today?” RaShawn inserted

“No not today. I have Smith’s class at 12 then I’m chillin out today. I’m giving my pledges the night off”

Oh by the way did I tell you I was in the middle of a pledge process with a line…yea my life is all over the place.

“oh aight well If you change your mind, text me. I’ll be there” he replied

“ok.  Well I’m heading to the library I talk to ya’ll later” I said and turned to leave

“By Nicole” Jessie made a point to say to my back

“Jessie” I gave a half interested wave, switching my way out the door.

3 am

I’m just getting in my dorm room. Club Opal was jumpin’ more than usual. Me and some my LS’s turned up in our heels and dresses. We were definitely the partying kind of girls. (When we found time of course lol) I was friends with one of the bartenders and one of the bouncers, so not only did we have our little VIP area on hold for us, drinks flowed for free. (A college student’s favorite word)  I noticed my roommate was sleep on the couch again. I never understood why she did that. We had our own bedrooms and shared a common room, but somehow she could never make to her bed. I got to my room and was about to kick off my shoes when I got a text message from RaShawn saying to come by his room. He was an RA so he had everything to himself. Naturally I didn’t hesitate to text back saying I was on my way.

Before leaving I headed to the bathroom just to freshen up and take off my panties. I knew what I wanted and panties are just an unnecessary obstacle.  I looked in the mirror touched up my face, quickly washed up. I felt myself already turned on. As I kept running water over my bare pussy, I could feel my pierced clit starting to swell. And every time I touched it my breaths got shorter and shorter and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I hopped on the sink counter spread my legs, my black pumps and long legs in the air. I let my wet fingers find my sweet spot and teased my clit the way I liked. I arched my back at the intense feeling of playing with my pussy. Sticking two fingers in my pussy, I moaned out loud feeling how tight and wet my pussy was. Starting slow I picked up speed pound my pussy with my fingers and rubbing my clit with thumb driving myself wild. My moans got louder and louder, even with the bathroom door open and my roommate sleeping on the couch. I fucked my tight little pussy getting closer and closer to climaxing. Loving the sound of my juices.  I felt my legs shake uncontrollably and felt my juices run down my fingers and hand. I pulled my fingers out slowly, rubbed my coated fingers on my clit before sucking the rest of my juices of my fingers. I got my breathing under control, hopped off the counter, fixed my dress, washed my hands, grabbed my keys and phone and headed down the hall to RaShawn’s.

I knocked on his door, he answered it in basketball shorts and a wife beater, smelling fresh out the shower. He let his locs down and they cascaded down his shoulders and his back.

“hey dread head” he said to me as he stepped aside and let me in.

I walked pass him and headed for the couch. For a guy his room was clean. Nothing more than the couple of dishes in the sink and homework and books on the table. The room was dimly lit by the one lap that was on.

“you want a drink” he asked pulling a bottle of Hennessey from his miniature liquor cabinet.

“yea I’ll take a little something” I crossed my legs trying to keep my pulsating pussy under control. I was getting so turned on just watching him with his back to me as he poured both of us a drink. He walked over to me with two glasses of Hennessey and Coke. He sat down handing me my glass.

“So what’s up? You asked me over here at 3 in the morning, something is up” I said then taking a sip.

He went on to vent about how him and Jessie have been fighting a lot and how she doesn’t understand him. And Blah Blah Blah. The whole time I’m continuing to sip on my drink, which was adding to my already high number of drinks. As he was talking, in mid sentence I put my drink on the table and straddle him and invited myself to his lips. I ran my fingers through his hair as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. His hands resting my ass, squeezing periodically.  I started to grind on him as I felt him getting harder between my legs. It was making me so wet. I was so into it that I didn’t hear the door open or close. We were completely interrupted when the room lights were flicked on. I turned my head to see Jessie standing there, with her arms folded and staring us both down.

I hopped off him and slip to the other side of the couch, never losing eye contact with her. My mind is racing a million miles a minute, a combination of the alcohol, my horniness and trying to figure out how I was going to get out this situation.

“Oh so that’s how it is huh?” she said to me walking closer. I balled up my fist getting ready in case she was going to swing at me. She got closer and closer

“The two of you aren’t the only ones that will have some fun” she dropped to her knees, grabbed my legs, and before I could react she pulled me to the edge of the couch,

“You wanna play” she said, she spread my legs and ran her soft, warm tongue over my clit. I had to catch my breath. She flicked her tongue back and forth over my clit. Sucking on my swollen clit softly but with such intensity. The sound of her tongue ring and my clit piercing was so intoxicating. She sucked on my clit working her tongue all over it. I began to grind my pussy on her face wanting her tongue to feel every inch of my dripping pussy. Still somewhat confused I looked at RaShawn enjoying the view and back at her who was looking up at me as she devoured my pussy. Letting my eyes roll back for a split second, I heard RaShawn slap Jessie ass

“Let me taste that pussy” She got up, climbed on his lap and started to kiss him. He grabbed that back of her head and kissed her harder making a point to suck on her lips. Oddly enough I was getting even more turned on by watching him lick my juices off her lips. They kissed passionately for what seemed like forever, he smacked her on her ass, bite her bottom lip

“Get down there” he demanded. She got on her knees stuck her hand down his shorts and pulled out his ungodly beautiful penis. She stroked it a few times before slowly wrapping her lips around it. I never noticed how full her lips were until this moment watching his dick slide in and out her mouth. Leaving traces of her lipstick along the shaft. She sucked on him with a passion. Bobbing her head up and down. She used her tongue ring as she licked from the base to the head, and working her tongue on the head

“Oh shit” he said as he throw his head back. He gripped her head, entangling his hands in her hair. She took his dick out her mouth and started to suck on his balls. He jumped a little bit in pleasure

“That’s right suck on them balls” He then turned to me, snapped his fingers at me “you bring that pussy over here”

I found some way to get my mind right, I got up, kicked off my heels,  stood on the couch, stood over him and lowered my waiting pussy on to his mouth. I shook immediately as felt his tongue inside me. He wrapped his arms around my legs to steady me. I held on for dear life feeling him slurp my clit into his mouth. He licked my pussy like no one ever had. His tongue just kept getting deeper and deeper in my pussy. I grinded my pussy on his face wanting to cover it with my juices. What ever Jessie was doing to him, he was returning the favor to me. Every nasty slurp she did on his dick, he sucked and slurped my pussy even more.

“Oh fuck I’m bout to cum” I screamed I rode his face faster “shit don’t stop”

“I’m cummin…oh God”

My body shook and I felt my pussy release all over him. I clawed at the walls as he locked his arms around my legs to make sure he gets it all. He smacked my ass as he continue to suck on my clit wanting every last drop. I felt my body go weak on top of him, slowly grinding my pussy over his face and mouth. I finally mustered the strength to climb off him.  I settle on the couch. But that didn’t last long. Jessie pulled me up, turned me around and unzipped my dress and walked me to the bed. She kissed me on my lips first, letting me taste RaShawn’s dick on her lips. She ran her tongue to my ears and down to my neck. Then down my chest, she took each of my waiting nipples in her mouth. She swirled her tongue over my left nipple while flicking her finger over the right before switching. Typically my nipples don’t do it for me, but the feeling of her tongue ring and how gentle she was made me weak at the knees.

I soon felt RaShawn’s naked body come up behind me. He grabs a handful of my hair, pulls my head back and whispers in my ear. “I got your pussy juices all over my face, now I’m gonna make sure I fuck you crazy”

The sensation of RaShawn talking dirty in my ear and Jessie on my tits was overwhelming. I felt my pussy getting wetter wanting the both of them. RaShawn snapped his fingers, Jessie stopped, got up and began to undress. He pushed me over, spanked me twice, before shoving his dick in my waiting pussy. I let out a moan as every inch of him filled me up. He started slow, letting me feel him slide in and out my dripping pussy. He started picking up speed ram his dick into me, making sure his balls hit my clit every time he shoved his dick inside me. I gripped his sheets harder with every stroke, his one hand on my hip and the other entangled in my hair. He pulled on my hair harder and harder, making sure I felt him hitting all my spots and making my pussy over flow.

“Oh my God fuck me!” I screamed.

I felt myself ready to come. Then he pulled out, and flipped me on my back. He snapped his fingers again and Jessie was on her knees sucking my pussy juice off his glorious dick.

“Go eat that pussy” he told her.

She turned her attention toward me, Pushed my legs all the way back, wrapped her pretty lips around my swollen clit and sucked. Her tongue ring continued to hit my spot just right. Making me shake, I grinded on her face

“Shit right there…eat my pussy” I arched my back as she followed my directions .

I looked over and saw RaShawn stroking his dick. He was enjoying watching his girlfriend bury her face in my pussy. Looking at him made me want to cum all over her pretty little face.  He walked over to us, with his dick still in his hand he pushed her head into my pussy

“Yea you better make her cum to” Jessie licked and sucked my pussy faster, making sure to hit my spot and before I realized it, my pussy juices rushed to cover her face.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming” I screamed out load. Squeezing my tits and my leg shaking in the air.

RaShawn, got behind Jessie and slid his dick inside her. She roared out loud. He wasted no time fucking her crazy. He knew what she liked. He made sure he was balls deep with every stroke.

“Yes daddy fuck me.” She screamed in between biting the sheets.

“Yea take this fuckin’ dick” he responded, and spanking her, to which she screamed out loud from also.

He looked up at me, “the fuck you lookin’ at, you like this shit”

I shook my head, biting my bottom lip. Cause I was so turned on by this.

“Then play that fuckin’ pussy while I fuck this bitch” he smacked the inside of my thigh, and fucked her harder. She screaming like she was ready to cum. We kept our eyes locked on each other, as his dick gets lost her pussy.

“Shawn baby I wanna cum” he sped, pulling on her hair, making sure she felt every inch. Her body began to shake violently as she let all her cum cover his dick.

He pulled his dick out, and without hesitation I crawled to the edge of the bed, and wrapped my lips around his dick. I sucked his beautiful dick with passion. Loving the feeling of his dick slide between my lips. In a strange way the taste of Jessie’s pussy on his dick was so intoxicating. I took his dick down my throat, he grabbed my head and fucked my face hitting the back of my throat with force. He pulled his dick out my mouth and beat my lips with it. I felt my eyes water and my hunger for his dick intensify. I grabbed hold of his balls, and sucked on his dick fast and hard. Looking up at him, his head was thrown back , he was clearly enjoying fuckin my face.

“Oh shit…get on the bed” he said to me.

I got up and laid on the bed, he spread my legs and rammed his dick into me. I screamed out loud, feeling like with every stroke he was moving organs. His hands had my legs pinned to the bed practically to my ears. Just long stroking my pussy he found my sweet spot each time. I arched my back slight feeling myself ready to explode all over this beautiful dick.

“FUCK I bout to cum” I screamed.

“I know. I feel that pussy”

He was so cocky about his life. But he definitely had a every right to. (but anyway)

He fucked me harder and harder and I was so ready until he pulled out. I quickly looked up, ready to cuss him out. He saw the look on his face, pure satisfaction.

“So you wanna cum” he said with a smirk on his face.

He snapped his fingers. Jessie crawled to me while sucking on her two middle fingers. She pushed my legs back and with her fingers nice and wet, she started playing with my clit. Immediately convulsions started to take over my body. I gripped his sheets hard enough to put a few holes in them while grinding my swollen clit on her fingers.  My body was ready.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” I started to shake with such intensity. And being that I couldn’t move my legs, I had to endure the intense orgasm that I was having. With no warning, Shawn shoves his dick inside me.

“OH MY GOD” That was the stroke that did it. I released like I never had. My whole body caved in from pure ecstasy. The walls of my pussy pulsated from the inside out. Jessie steady rubbing my clit making sure I squirt in every direction

“Shit shit” I could barely speak just moan. Trying to come down off this high.

It took me about minute to get my head straight still feeling my pussy pulsating. I look over to see Jessie’s leggings pinned back as RaShawn fucked her harder and harder. Her tight light pussy gripped his dick so nicely leaving it covered in her juices with every stroke.

She clawed away at his arms as she nearing her climax

“I wanna cum” she screamed out

“Shut up…you better not cum yet” he replied going deeper in her pussy

I sat in amazement rubbing on my pussy watching these two fuck. He looked over at me, I can tell he was enjoying watching me play with myself while his girl begged him to cum.

“Please daddy let me cum” she screamed

Still looking at me “you better hurry up & make that pussy cum. She can’t come until you do”

This was all too much for me. I kept rubbing my pussy. It was so sensitive I could keep myself from shaking. I rubbed faster and faster, gridding on my fingers. I arched my back playing with my nipples and listening to Jessie I let myself cum one more time on his bed.

“Yea that’s it” He said to me.

Fucking Jessie harder and harder

“You may cum” he said to her. And without hesitation she released all over him.  She screamed out loud, letting her body shake and go limp under him.

He pulled out, pulled me to the floor in front of him, opened my mouth and let me taste every bit of cum he had inside him. Letting every drop of his cum in my mouth I looked up at him with his eyes rolled back in his head. I swallowed what I had in my mouth then sucked the rest of the cum out and licked off all of Jessie’s cum from his dick.

He looked down at me, grabbed a nearby towel cleaned my face. He bent down and left the sexiest most passionate kiss on my lips. He helped me up, help me put my dress back on hand me my shoes and my belongings. He threw on his shorts, and walked me down the hall to my room.

The 20 second walk to my room was intensely quiet. When I got to my door, I unlocked it, but before walking in he stopped me. With my back to him, I can still feel his throbbing dick rubbing against me. He kissed me neck, entangled his fingers in my hair and pulled

“Everything we did tonight, never happened.” He planted a kiss on my neck, smacked my ass and walked back to his room.

I walked into mine and passed out in my bed.

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