Erotica; I’m her first


“Ashley wake up, we’re gonna be late” My roommate Tatiana banged on my door.

“Damn Tati, it’s 7am, why are you so loud?” I screamed back

“Girl get up, class starts at 8:30”

I rolled my eyes forgetting that I promised Tati that I would go to her yoga class with her. She had been begging me for the longest and I finally gave in and said yes. It’s just I work late and getting up so early on a Saturday morning is not me.

I rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. 30 minutes later was I fresh out the shower, my hair damp from washing it, my teeth were brushed and I was dressed & heading to the kitchen to find Tati eating.

“Morning sunshine” she said looking up from her bowl of cereal with her pretty brown eyes.

“Why are you always so cheerful in the morning” I grabbed a bowl and sat at the table with her.

“Cause I balance out your not so cheerfulness” she replied flashing her mesmerizing smile.

We ate breakfast together then got our stuff together & headed out the door.

“So how do you feel? Did you like the class?” Tati asked me while we walked around the grocery store after class.

“I feel good. It was cool. It was different for me” I replied

“Would you go again” she asked looking back at me.

“eh I don’t know. Maybe if that instructor is there again. Her body was amazing, I would wouldn’t mind getting flexible with her”

“I swear Ash it’s like you think like you’re a dude” she playfully pushed me.

“Hey at least I’m honest” I watched her walk ahead of me with her basket full of food.

I knew Tati liked guys but I couldn’t help but stare at her amazing body.  Her workout clothes hugged her curves perfectly. Her ass was so round that matched her full waist & thick thighs. And her dark chocolate skin was flawless. I can’t lie I have thought many of times what she would taste like if I could slide those lace boy shorts she likes to wear to the side.

“aye chick snap out of it” She snapped her fingers at me, breaking me from my train of thought.

I snapped back to reality

“So you’re cooking tonight right, cause I cooked the last 2 nights” I said to her leading her to the register.

“I guess I can cook” She replied.

We paid for our groceries and headed back to our apartment.

We finally made it back to the apartment. We put all the groceries on the kitchen table. I immediately sat down. I was beat.

“Girl how is it 11 already” I asked kicking of my flip flops

“Stop complaining. I know you feel good after a good morning yoga class” she replied teasing me and starting to unpack the bags. She moved around the kitchen putting things where they belong. Bending over and reaching up. I start to feel myself get hot & flushed watching her.

“Yea I feel real good” I started caressing and pinching my pierced nipples.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have her. I walked up behind her, close enough for her to feel my hard nipples & nipple rings against her back. I placed a small kiss on her neck & let my hands find their way to beautiful ass.

“Ash what…

“Hush!” I cut her off. “All I want is to taste you.” I reached around filled my hands with her beautiful double D breast. I pinched her nipples, and heard her breaths get shorter & shorter.

“Damn Ash, you know I… she started. But she was interrupted by my tongue on her neck. She bit her lip and grind her ass on me more. She pulled her t-shirt off followed by her sports bra. Revealing her beautiful skin. I rubbed her back, planted soft kisses on her tattoos, and ran my tongue around her surface piercing on the back of her neck. I reached around and  pinched & played with her nipples some more.

“I know. Just let me taste it” I bent her over the counter “you walk around here with those sexy lace panties, with this beautiful ass” I spanked her

“Teasing me like you do” I pulled down her pants & thong to reveal her clean shaven pussy that was dripping wet.

My mouth watered at the sight of her beautiful pussy. I kissed both cheeks before spreading them. I kissed her beautiful pussy lips. Then let my tongue slowly spread them. She tasted so much better than I could’ve imagined. I slurped her waiting pussy into my mouth. She let out loud moan. I rolled my tongue over her clit that was starting to swell and throb in my mouth. I could feel her arching her back and pushing her ass into my face. I sucked on her pearl nice and slow wanting her to feel my lips on that pretty clit.

I helped her remove her pants all the way. She lifted her leg on to the counter and spread her ass for me. Inviting me in even more. I stuck my tongue deep inside her exploring her walls. I fucked her slowly with my tongue wanted her to feel it slide in & out. Her moans were so intoxicating. She reached around & pushed my head deep into her pussy.

“Shit” she moaned out as she gripped my head making sure my face was buried between her cheeks

I sucked, licked and devoured her pussy letting her body and moans direct me. I released her pussy from my mouth. I stood up, grabbed her hair and stuck my middle & ring fingers in her mouth.

“You taste so good.” I whispered in her ear. “Now get my fingers all nice & wet so I can put them in your pussy”

She sucked on my fingers so good. I can see why dudes liked her, because I was getting turned on just feeling her suck on my fingers. Once my fingers were dripping and soaked, I put them in her pussy. My god she was so tight and wet. I knew she liked the feel of my fingers in her pussy because she wasted no time grinding that pussy on my fingers. I began to fuck her pussy and she threw her beautiful ass back matching each stroke of my fingers. Her beautiful round chocolate ass swallowed my fingers. I let go of her hair so I could spread her cheeks. I wanted to watch her tight lips around my fingers.

“Oh my god” she screamed out “that shit feels so good” she bent over as far as she could go over the counter.

“I know it does” I responded. I spanked her causing her to scream and throw her ass back faster.  “oh you like being spanked huh”

“Yes” she moaned out. I spanked her again and again  feeling her pussy tighten around my fingers again.

“Shit I’m bout to cum”  I fucked her harder and harder wanting her cum to drip down my hands. My pussy was so wet listening to the sounds of her wet pussy just waiting to explode. I kept shifting my eyes from her pussy to watching her pinch and play with her nipples.

“Give me all that cum” before I knew it, she came all over my fingers. It felt so good feeling her warm cum cover my fingers

I slowly pulled my fingers out of her pussy, rubbing her wetness all over her clit. I stepped back to admire her coming back to reality.  Her body looks so beautiful bent of the counter, one leg up, her wet pussy looked beautifully worn. I helped her up and turn her around.

“Open up…taste your cum” she wrapped her lips around my fingers and sucked her cum off my fingers with such passion.  She grabbed my hand and made a point to leave nothing left on my fingers. Her tongue swirled around my fingers. God her lips are even sexier than I ever realized. I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and invited myself to her beautiful soft lips. I ran my fingers through her natural hair exploring her mouth with my tongue as she did the same thing to me.

“Damn Ashley” she said as she pushed me away. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she was confused. She’s not into girls but she was enjoying how her body was feeling in this moment. She walked off toward the bathroom leaving me alone in the kitchen. Next thing I heard was the bath tub water running. She stuck her head out of the bathroom door to look at me.

“Come on” she motioned for me to join her in the bathroom.

I followed her command, taking of my clothes as I made my way to the bathroom and she closed the door behind us.

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