Stories: The 1st time I squirted


I remember the first time I squirted. It was a mixture of excitement, pleasure and I must admit fear. I’ve always heard women talk about being able to squirt. I’ve heard some of my former partners tell me how they loved a woman that can squirt. Or their current girlfriend/lover is a squirter. God I wanted be one of those girls. 

This all started when I got a new toy in the mail. I was all too excited for a new vibrating dildo. It was a nice change from my lovely glass dick affectionately called Big Brother Steel (inside!!!) Big Brother Steel is a classic and never fails me. But a girl likes to switch things up.  My neo toy (yes that says neo) wasted not time making my body feel things from the inside out.  Before filling my pussy with my toy, I let the multi-function vibrations tease my clit. Starting slow and then picking up speed, my clit hit climax almost immediately. My clit was swollen and throbbing, which meant my pussy was dripping and ready.

I ran the head of my toy along the opening my pussy just so I could hear that nasty wet sound my pussy makes when it’s ready to be fucked. My toy hit my spot with the very first stroke. My pussy immediately started to drip all over it. Every inch was lost inside me. I found myself not wanting to stop, just feel endless pleasure.

But that was only ½ the battle for me. I wanted to cum so bad…I wanted to feel myself release but I often struggled to get there. I struggled with letting my body feel. I struggled with letting my body just be pleasured. I’ve had some amazing sex partners who knew how to fuck my lights out. But the physical wasn’t the struggle. It was all mental. I had to force myself to relax. I every muscle in my body release tension. My mind wandered to the last time I was fucked senseless.

I thought about how his dick explored every hole on my body. I thought about every nasty dirty word he spoke to me that night. I thought about how he left me so vulnerable. Me bent over his bed, back arched, his hands pulling on my hair & my pussy and ass spread wide open. Left to his mercy of pleasure. Knowing he was in control and his little slut needs to nothing but cum for him

Every thought of him made my pussy cream even more. It made my pussy pulsate and tighten around my neo toy. My long legs spread wide as shoved my neo toy deeper & deeper inside me. The vibrations against my spot & my clit was indescribable.

I was ready, my body was ready, my pussy was ready. I fucked my pussy harder. I fucked my pussy deeper. I fucked my pussy faster. My nipples got hard to the point it was almost painful. I felt my skin become covered in goosebumps. I looked down to try and comprehend what was going on.  I felt it, it started flowing. It was like time slowed down in that moment. My head slowly leaned back, my eyes rolled back and I bit down on my bottom lip hard enough to lightly break the skin.  I felt my cum hit my hands. It was only the beginning. I pulled my neo toy out of my pussy and every bit of cum sprayed itself in every direction. It was that type of pleasure that wouldn’t even allow me to scream. A silent scream.

My breathing was heavy, I could feel my chest going up and down. I could literally feel traces of my cum trickling down my legs. And Oh! the visual of watching my cum drip off the tip of my toy is something I’ll never forget.

I felt so right, so complete, so undeniably sexy in that moment. But above all, I was proud of myself. I conquered something. I let go. I let go of the mental block that has held me back from enjoying such a feeling.

And now my neo toy…isn’t so neo anymore!

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