Top 5 Fave Ebony Pornstars

5 ebony porn stars


Hey Lovers,

If you follow Lips & Vibrators on Tumblr you know that I LOVE porn. I am a chick that 100% enjoys watching porn. A lot of the times I don’t have a set type of porn (lesbian, orgy, squirting etc) but I do have a list of certain porn stars that I know can always get me wet. So here they are. 

Jasmine Cashmere

Home girl is the truth. She goes all out in every scene. She has this sexy fierceness and passion when she’s fuckin’. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dude or a chick. They gettin’ it all, and I love every bit of it.

Jazmine Cashmere

Stacie Lane

She was one of the first porn stars I watched squirt. To this day I remember the video I was watching. My clit is throbbing just writing this because I’m thinking about that video. I’m also a girl that loves dirty talk…and homegirl has got that on lock.

stacie lane


Melrose Foxx

Do you see those lips? Need I say more? I Can’t lie it took awhile for her to grow on me. I don’t remember which video it was, but one night watching her cum on some chicks face took me over the edge. And ever since then I was hooked on her.

melrose foxx


Skyy Black

Skyy Black is the bomb! She’s thick and her tongue must be magic. Because I would die for her head game. She can eat pussy and suck a dude off…it’s always a sight to see.

Skyy Black


This one right here…she can always get me “there”. Between her beautiful round ass and the moment when she purrrrrrs I’m always dripping.


Who are some of your fave porn stars?

Lips & Vibrators

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