Capturing the Sensuality of Black Women


Hey Lovers,

Who doesn’t love seeing a photograph and of a beautiful black woman in all her essence. I have 100% respect for photographers who know how to capture the natural sexiness of black women. The natural sensuality & vulnerability of black women. So here are a few of my favorite photographers who do just that.

J William Washington  I have a major obsession with his work. I really love lingerie photography that is more about the model than the actually lingerie. I feel like his work always get that right.

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j william washington photography
J William Washington

Andrew T Clifton He is hands down one of my favorite photographers. I’ve been following his work for some time and I’m always in awe.  He makes the simplest moments beautiful and sexy.

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andrew t clifton photography
Andrew Thomas Clifton

Island Boi Photography I live for his art. I love that he can capture utter sexuality of black women is so many different way. But he can also do commercial work as well. I applaud versatile photographers like Joey.

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Island Boi Photography

Kevon Richardson Photography I’m new to his work. But since discovering his work on Tumblr I’ve been hooked. I can 100% appreciate the talent. And he makes that melanin POP girl!

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Kevon Richardson Photography

Spencer Charles Photography Another photographer I found while cruise through Tumblr. The photo below is what caught my eye. There is level of innocence and vulnerability mixed with sensuality that is truly remarkable.

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spencer charles photography
Spencer Charles

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