Sex Toy Review: Starlight Gems Vibrating Massager

starlight gems vibrating massager

Hey Lovers,

I’m hyped to do my first sex toy review. This one I have been DYING to do since I ordered it. It’s the Starlight Gem Vibrating Massager, I ordered mine from Adam & Eve and GIRL!!!! I’ve been getting my whole life with this vibrator. I wanted it because ya girl has always wanted big black dick of my very own lol

Honestly the day I got it in the mail I was mad AF because. I had been stalking USPS site tracking my package. I went out and bought AA batteries and everything. Ya girl was ready. And then my monthly torturer decided to show the hell up. So I had to wait a couple days to really really use the vibrator. But the day I did…..yes! I came 3 times with just the vibrator on my clit alone. Not even with penetration.

starlight gems vibrating massager

Quick Stats

  • 9 inches in length 5.5 insertable
  • Made with Body Safe TPR & ABS Plastic
  • Realistic head & veins
  • Twist dial control
  • Works well with any type of lubricant
  • Waterproof
  • Requires 2 AA batteries

My thoughts….

The first thing I noticed with this thing, it has some weight to it. It’s a little on the hefty side.  I can’t lie though, I have been getting off left and right with this baby right here. I like that I can feel the head and the veins along the shaft. I love vibrators and dildos with texture, it adds to sensation of the vibrations.

starlight gems vibrating massager

At the base of the vibrator, it has massaging nubs that are meant to stimulate your clit during play time. I like it, but I would be fine if it didn’t have the nubs. I did feel them occasionally, but not enough to be wowed by them. Toys with clit simulators don’t always do it for me.

starlight gems vibrating massager nubs

When looking to buy this vibrator, I read a lot of the reviews online. Some people thought it was bigger in person. For me,  I thought it was just right. This vibrator is 1.5 in width, which I think is a decent size. I like a toy with good width. But if you’re new to toys, the size and the features may seem a little daunting. I do highly recommend using some sort of lubricant with this vibrator. My pussy gets pretty wet by itself, but even I had need a little help getting it in.

Online it said that it has multiple vibrating speeds. I wouldn’t say multiple speeds. The twist dial allows for you to gradually up the vibration intensity. Which I actually don’t mind because it allowed me to be in a little more control over how much intensity I want. I like that I don’t have to press through tons of settings to get to the one want. I can just twist the dial and go to town. With that being said, the twist dial can get a little tricky. I’ve been goin’ hard, my hand slips and turns off the vibration.  NOT COOL!  When it’s turned all the way up, my clit was on fire (in a good way). The first couple times my clit did get numb, but it took a little getting use to.

starlight gems vibrating massager

My main dislike with this vibrator is, it’s too loud. This baby is not discreet at all. Even on the lowest vibrating setting, it’s loud. When on the highest vibrating setting, you can’t hide that fact that you’re getting off. So if you’re in college with a roommate 5 feet from your bed, I would wait til she’s in class to use this one lol. In all seriousness, if you’re someone that likes to conceal her toys, I would think twice before buying this one.

All in all this one gets 5 stars from me!


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