Take Me to Magic City Instead

ok! Really any bombass strip club is fine!

Hey Lovers,

I’m a chick that LOVES the strip club. And not just any ole’ strip club. I like strip clubs with big booty chicks who can teach me a thing or 2. This is a conversation I have all the time with my friends and even with my man and his friends. I much rather watch female strippers than watch male strippers. I know a lot of women aren’t into strip clubs and that’s fine. It’s not for everybody. But for those who are, we have our reason and preferences for going to strip clubs. Me? I prefer women over men any day.

I get nothing from watching men dance. Magic Mike did nothing for me. The only dick I want waving in my face is my boyfriend’s. I’m not trying to watch some random guy name “black adonis” or some shit with a whole bottle of baby oil dripping off of him, swinging his abnormally large dick around in circles. I don’t want to have my rum & coke in my hand and turn around to have is dick in my damn drink. Like sir please stop. I don’t play about my liquor…I’d be pissed. lol And not to mention I get anxiety from the immense level of thirst from the rowdy women around me. Nah I’m good. I truthfully don’t want to stick this dollar in his thong. If that’s what you like…girl do you.

black male strippers

Now take me to watch females dance, and I’m all in. Give me a dark skin chick with a fat ass swinging around on a pole, twerking in my face and her legs spread any day. I like to just be in the cut, have a drink and enjoy a few dances. Every time I’ve been out with dudes to a strip club, it’s so laid back and simple I think it’s a win/win for me going to watch women dance. My man gets excited and I get to learn a few tricks to bring home. All is well. I also have such an appreciation for a woman with a beautiful body and what better way to kick back and enjoy that than at a strip club.


So the next time you’re making a trip to the strip club, let me get an invite…you can even buy me a dance!


Lips & Vibrators


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