Sex Toy Review; Glass Pleasure Wand

Glass dildo

GIRL…can we talk about the pleasure wand?

This little thing surprised the hell outta me. *In my Kevin Hart voice* “I wasn’t ready”! I expected it to feel good, but I certainly did not expect to lose count of how many times I came because of this thing. I ordered this bent glass pleasure wand on Amazon (you know I got that amazon prime poppin). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little skeptical. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this toy  and there are tons of variations of this toy all over Amazon. My toy didn’t come in a box, which didn’t really sit well with me. However, it did come in a clothing pouch, wrapped in foam then wrapped wrapped in bubble wrap. So it did get to me in one piece with no scratches. I also made sure to clean it before going to town. 

The pleasure wand is 8 inches in length and 1 1/4 in diameter. I’ll be honest, it is quite skinny. Especially after having fun with my Starlight Gem Vibrating Massager, I immediately felt the difference in size. As well as the smoothness of the curved edge. If you like girth and prefer texture, you may not gravitate to this one right away. But sometimes we need to step outside our normal toy box.

But don’t get it twisted, this little thing will find your spot whether or not you’re ready for it. The curved edge, with the smooth round head reached my g-spot the second it slid in my waiting pussy.  The head isn’t too pointy so it’s not just poking my insides.


It also does double duty. If you like, you can flip the pleasure wand around, and fuck yourself with the beaded end. It’s a different sensation, and took a little more work to reach my g-spot, but I like it. The curved edge allowed for me to fully control the pleasure wand and guide it to wear I need it to go. The beaded edge is also be amazing for anal play. It took a little bit of getting use at first, but I quickly relaxed and allowed myself to cum more than once.

If you’re into anal play, but aren’t ready for something big, I think you could start with this one. It’s not too big or daunting despite the beads. Of course be sure use as much lubricant as you need. Because the pleasure wand is made of glass; it works with any type of lube, it’s non porous, clean up is super easy  and an all around good time.


This is my 2nd glass toy that I own. I have to say I’m loving glass toys more and more. I cum so much harder with glass toys. Squirting is much easier for me with glass toys. And they’re easy to keep clean (cause honestly ya girl is lazy AF sometimes).

Overall this is a nice toy. I do wish it came in better packaging and I would like it to  have a little bit more width.


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