Sex With Strangers

Hey Lovers,

Bored with your usual podcast options and looking for something fun to listen in on? Your ears need Sex With Strangers. I know its been like 10,000 years since I last posted. I’m back and I promise I’ll be back to posting regularly. Anyhow, this post isn’t about me talking about why I’ve been MIA. This post is all about one of my favorite podcast right now; Sex With Strangers! I discovered SWS about 3 months ago while scrolling through Instagram and I was hooked from the very 1st episode I heard. I’m sure if you give SWS a listen, you’ll be hooked as well.

SWS is a weekly podcast that is purely for grown folk. And when I say grown folk…I mean GROWN FOLK! They talk about every thing from relationships to situationships to eating pussy to suckin’ dick and tons and tons of sex. So clearly this is right up my alley. I legit talk along with the podcast as if I’m sitting around the table with them. And to keep it all the way 100, I generally hate podcast, because I would get bored while listening. But SWS got me for real! The honesty of their conversations is what really stuck out to me. Not just in their topics of choice, but the realism of how the conversation flows. There is a lot of sarcasm, a lot of back & forth which for me, adds to the overall realism of the podcast.

I think often times we are embarrassed to say or talk about things that we like or dislike sexually. If we do talk about it, it comes after a drink or 2 or 10. I know for sure after a late game night, filled with alcohol, weed and hookah, my friends and I tend to really open up about sex and it gets raunchy. FAST! I high key love when we get to that point.

Sex with strangers

What makes SWS so good is that nothing is off limits. They go in on all kinds of topics that we all probably talk about with our friends. So I can’t lie when I say it’s refreshing to listen to people who aren’t afraid to talking about eating ass (because some of ya’ll be out there doing that) or being open about the multiple threesome they’ve had or whether or not you like suckin’ dick with your glasses on. It’s a no holds bared type of content and my slutty mind is completely into SWS. Honestly, I’ve had full conversations about my sexual escapes in the car alone while listening to SWS because I completely agreed with what they were talking about in that moment.


SWS is definitely NSFW (unless you have headphones in) but I promise you, you’ll 1000% enjoy what they have to say every week. Juice, Cii Marqui & Jaxon are raunchy as hell and I’m here for every bit of it! Check them out on Soundcloud and iTunes.




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