Talk About Sex?!?!? Whet?!?!


Hey Lovers,

Do you talk about sex with your friends? Like really REALLY talk about sex. The type of conversation where you know your friendship is on a new level of trust. The level where you are okay with your homegirls telling you every which way her man or her woman makes her cum.  I’ve had those types of conversations with a very SELECT group of friends, and to be completely honest I love those conversations.

For me, there is something so fun and slightly sexy when talking about sex with your home girls. For me and my girls it’s usually after a late game night, we’ve all been drinking, passed 3 or 4 L’s and winding down with hookah and even more dark liquor.  All of us curled up on different sections of the couch or laid out on the floor, drinks in hand, sharing yet another L or a hookah, switching between conversations and our phones (because social media is king)

The funny thing is we don’t start out intending to talk about sex. We don’t sit down and say “okay let’s talk about sex now” lol. It’s usually the end result of a raunchy round of truth or dare…or never have I ever (yes we’re in our 20’s & 30’s still playing never have I ever, judge us damn it!!!). It’s like daring one of us to run down the street topless is the perfect segue into talking about sex.

We open up about everything from how we like our pussies licked to which one of use prefers a good anal dick down. We talk about whose had lesbian experiences and whose merely thought about it. We talk about who has the ability to squirt and the first time it happened. We slowly venture into talking about toys (which is usually my area of excitement). On a late Friday or Saturday night, nothing is off limits for us.

Typically after one of those nights, once I get home and I like to have fun with myself. The only challenge for me is what toy will do the trick at the moment. Feeding off that sexual energy, takes my orgasms to great heights.

All in all, talk about sex with your homegirls. There’s nothing to be ashamed because you might be surprised to find out that you have a lot more in common than you think. So tell me, do you talk about sex with your home girls? Let me know.


Ms. L&V

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