1st One Night Stand Pt. 1

Hey Lovers,

I’ll be honest, when I was in college I use to freak out at the idea of having a one night stand lol. I was the chick that let my anxiety set in. If I had a one night stand, all the bad things that could potentially happen …will happen. BUT this particular night, I threw every bit of caution to the wind and I don’t regret a second of it.

I was a senior in college, literally 7 days away from graduation. My friends and I took a trip down to Statesboro for a night of chaos at Georgia Southern. It was probate season and we wanted to turn up. Our night included the probate on campus, a quick outfit change and the after party at a spot around the way. After  a couple hours on campus at the probate it was time to get ready for the after party

I was ready to turn up. That’s all I knew; my face was beat, my dress was tight and my heels were sky high. I after a few drinks and a handful of shots I was

Vino & Jay were definitely a pair. I knew Vino from a couple years prior although we did nothing back then. But this night I set my sights on him, and his friend Jay had his sights on me. I was digging the chemistry.That mixed loads of tequila running through my veins someone was getting the draws that night.

After we left the club, we made the all important late night stop at Ihop. Because…pancakes.


Somewhere around 4 in the morning we made it back to where were staying. We knew the boys; Vino & Jay had planned to stop by. But by the time they showed up we all were starting to crash from the liquor and bellies full of pancakes. Now let me set the scene for you. Our sleeping arrangement was tight! Two of my friends slept on the futon, one was on the couch and I was on the floor with one other friend.  When Vino & Jay showed up, we had to make room for them. They ended up laying between me and ole’ girl. Jay made sure get close with me.

Just as everyone was falling into their deep sleep, I felt Jay’s lips on my neck. I melted right away. My neck is that spot that will get me weak from the jump. His soft lips felt so good kissing and sucking on my neck. I felt my pussy start to get wet and my nipples get hard. That’s a normal reaction for me, but of course everything was heighten in that moment. I bit down on my bottom lip when he pinched my left nipple through my shirt. I hate my nipples being played with, but there was something so sexy about the way his fingers pinched and squeezed me nipples.

I was over the pleasantries though. I wanted to get fucked and I wanted it right then and there. Jay must’ve read my mind because next thing I know I heard him ripping a condom wrapper. I rolled to my side so back was to him. I kept thinking thank god I decided to not wear panties under my shorts to bed.

He helped pull off my shorts to my ankles. I spread my ass to invite him. And before I knew it I felt is dick filling up my pussy. I remember thinking, my god he was thick. Even though he slid in my wet pussy with easy, he was stretching my walls out and damn it felt good.  He started slow and hard making sure I felt every inch of him. Making sure I felt his slight curve. Making sure I felt his viens along the shaft.

I wanted to feel more of him, I stuck my ass out even more to give him more access. He gripped my shoulders so every stroke pounding me would be stronger than the other. He made sure to hit the bottom of pussy. (you know that feeling?) I shoved my face into my pillow to keep from screaming because he was pounding my pussy so good. For the small amount of space we had to work with, he didn’t short change me. I got those long dick shots. And I was trying hard not wake up my homegirls. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to pop open their eyes to see me getting dicked down. He pulled on my dreads forcing my head to lift out of my pillow. I quickly put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t wake anyone else around. I remember bitting down hard on my fingers, it was the only way to control my mouth. I wanted to scream out loud because his dick kept hitting my spot just right.

Jay kept one hand entangled in my hair and the other on my shoulders. He kept pulling at my hair harder and harder. His dick was getting deeper and deeper in my pussy. Just as I was about to cum, he leaned in my ear and whispered “shit I’m about to nut all in this pussy”  His voice was deep and smooth with this hint of raspiness & country twang to it.I looked back at him letting him know that I wanted it. I wanted him to cum for me and I was ready to take it all.

Right as he about to cum, he put his hand around my neck and squeezed. The hard he squeezed the more out of control my pussy became. My eyes rolled back slightly and let go all over him. Me cummin’ for him sent him over the edge. He gave my pussy a few more strokes. The final squeeze around my neck culminated with him letting go inside me. He buried his face in my neck to muffle his grunts as he came all inside me. (well in the condom inside)

He kept his hand around my neck releasing slowly as his body relaxed. Once he was able to move again he pulled his dick out and let me pull up my shorts. He planted a kiss on my neck before getting up to go to the bathroom.


Stay tuned for part 2.

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