1st One Night Stand Pt. 2

I rolled onto my stomach. I was good and satisfied with the dick down I just received from Jay. I was ready for a good sleep. I didn’t even know what time it was anymore. But of course, that wasn’t going to happen. I guess Vino had to luck with my homegirl because no sooner than I knew, he reached over Jay to start feeling me up. Slightly annoyed I smacked his hand away.

His rebuttal? He sent me a text “meet me in the bathroom”

I replied “bruh! the bathroom is so far way lol”

He didn’t reply, he just got and made his way to the bathroom. I laid down for another minute or two. I said to myself “what the hell, when in Rome” This was before the days of YOLO lol I met Vino in the bathroom. I wasted no time, I got on my knees and went for his belt. I quickly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and undid his zipper. I gently pulled at his boxers and his hard on popped right out. My mouth was watering at the sight. Without thinking I placed my lips around his dick.

I remember thinking, he came to fuck because I can tell he was “fresh”. That was actually a turn on for me. I sucked his dick hard and slow. I wanted to make sure I felt the viens of his dick slide through my lips. I wanted to make sure my tongue licked every bit of him. I sucked on head while teasing it with my tongue. He liked that. He placed his hands on both sides of my head and fucked my face with just the head. I made sure I caressed the head with my tongue ring (yes back then I had a tongue ring and I made good use of it) I tasted his precum dripping onto my tongue, I made sure to swallow it.

Listening to his low moans made me want more of his dick. I pushed my head down allowing his dick to hit the back of my throat. I gagged and let him fuck my throat until he couldn’t take it any more.

He pulled me up and said “bend that ass over let me hit it from the back'”

I followed his orders. I was so turned on by how in control he was. He took out a condom and quickly strapped up. By time he was ready, I was already bent over with both hands o steadying me over the toilet. He slowly spread my pussy lips with the head of his dick. He teased me enough to make me beg for it. I felt my pussy quivering, and apparently so did he. Because without notice, he let me have it. He shoved his dick deep in my pussy. The first stroke was strong. He gripped my waist and let every single stroke, and with every stroke I tried hard to muffle my moans, because there was still a house full of people trying to sleep.

Vino was not letting up on me and I loved it. He was hitting every spot and he knew it, but that wasn’t enough for him. Feeling him stroke my pussy, I slipped into a trants, but I was completely interrupted when Vino slipped his thumb in my ass. Not being used to any sort of anal play, this took me by surprise.

“oh my God” is all I could muster up

“mmm hmm that’s right” he replied

Without hesitation, he took his dick out of my pussy and slid right in to my ass. He slid in so easily, which neither one of us was expecting. I for sure wasn’t. He had me so open that him sliding into my ass took no effort. I felt every vein and every inch he gave me. He pounded my ass like I was the last piece of ass he would ever have. He gripped my hair and pulled hard with every stroke. He made sure to get balls deep. He didn’t hold back, he didn’t take it easy on me, or let me punk out. I took his dick like champ because quite frankly I had no choice.

Spanking my ass with his free hand, pulling on my hair with the other, his dick stretching me out, I was feeling all kids of different sensations and I need to let go. I started rubbing on pussy because I need to climax, and he knew it. He pounded me harder so we could come together. I felt his dick get thick and I knew he couldn’t hold on any longer.

“cum for me” I moaned out. That was just what he needed.

“Shit stay just like that” He pulled out of my ass and release all over my cheeks. No sooner did I feel his hot cum on my ass, I released all over my hand.

As we both came off our high, we both started to laugh to ourselves. He grabbed some tissue and wiped his load off of me. He cleaned up, straighten up our clothes, left the bathroom and headed straight to sleep.

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