Poem| Enjoy Me

Can you hear me?
Hold on to my voice.
I want you to enjoy me. Enjoy my mind and my body.
C cups don in black lace
Gifting your eyes with the sight beautiful chocolate areolas; pinch me
Heels high enough to touch God
Decorates these long legs
Stand at attention
Take me in with your eyes
Can you see my lips?
This sweet pearl wanting to be seen
Touch me. The pads of your fingertips along my brown skin
Send chills up my spine. Then melt me from the inside out
Bite me. Leave your mark. Make this pain my ultimate pleasure
Open me
From my head to my legs
Penetrate my thoughts as deep as you do my walls
Spread me until I touch the ends of the earth
Dominate me.
Be my leader.
Let me give you the pleasure that you command
Panties to the side, bodies bent
Clawing at the bed
palm prints leave my ass red
hair stretched, invading my pleasure chest
Lust is childs play
Take what’s yours
Hands clinch necks, teeth breaking skin
Ecstasy wrapped around your thickness
Gushy goodness, this must be a mortal sin
Break me
Leave me exhausted with tears
Legs weak, jaw hurts, holes worn
Feed me pleasure
Unashamed of my gluttony I crave you.
Fill me up.
Hand over every feeling in your body
Release every good & evil emotion into me
Use me to climb passion and create memories better left unspoken
Mark me
Thick and hot, it lingers on the tip of my tongue
Drips from the curvature of my lips
I’m covered
Be my breathtaking view
A vision of you so vulnerable
You are my lustful everything
So I offer up this honey pot
Because quite frankly I’ll die before I disappoint daddy
So in the end, pull my hair a little tighter
Bend me over a little futher
Have me, take me, enjoy me.

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