Erotic Stories: Wake Him Up

*photo credit: 2020 photography*


“Damn yet another rough night” I thought to myself as the sun started to peek its way into my window thus making any chance of falling back to sleep impossible. I sat up & stretched trying my best no to wake him. I’m almost positive he fell asleep 2 hours ago & in that time probably woke up a handful of times. He looked so peaceful when he slept. Not that I was a creeper but he was a mental busy body so I know he appreciated the moments he gets to sleep.

I climbed out of bed, threw on one of his shirts to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth & grab some water. When I made it back to the bedroom I found him sleeping on his back. Which was quite odd because he always slept on his stomach.  Yet again I found myself watching him sleep. Thinking about the amazing night we had last, I couldn’t help letting a smile creep across my face.

I felt my nipples starting to get hard & I crossed my legs as I was starting to feel my body get warm & throbbing between my legs. Walking towards him, I took my last sip of water & placed my glass on the side table next to the bed.

Standing over him, my body starting to tingle. I licked my lips as I reached down & started to rub on his manhood through his shorts. My touch was soft but still enough for his body to respond. He started to squirm slightly as his dick started swell as I stroked it the way he liked.

I climbed on the bed & straddled his legs. Just as he opened his eyes to find me tugging at his shorts. When his eyes finally focused on me & his brain processed what was going on he smiled…that sexy 1/2 smile that would always make melt. He gave me some assistance and lifted just enough for me to pull his shorts down.  His hard dick popped right out & stood at attention just for me. That made my mouth water & the hunger in my eyes couldn’t be concealed.

He looked down at me just as I wrapped my lips around the head. That was always my favorite place to start. He let out a deep grunt. I sucked on the head hard & slow while swirling my tongue around it. I just need to feel the head in my mouth, there’s something so sensual about letting my tongue explore him.

Listening to his breath get shorter & shorter mixed with his soft moans, I let the rest of him fill my mouth. Slowing taking it all in, I wanted my lips to touch the base of his dick. I worked him in & out of my mouth, feeling each vein sliding through my lips. Gagging every time the head hits the back of my throat. Slurping my spit mixed with this pre-cum. Leaving no part of him un touched. His fingers tangled in my locs, he guided my head up and down, taking full advantage of my mouth.

I looked up at him to see his eyes closed tight just enjoying my mouth, and that made me want to do more. I wasn’t done with him yet. I interrupted his moment as I released his dick from my mouth

“stand up” I said to him.

“what?” He asked, clearly caught him off guard.

“stand up” I stood up to give him space to move and stand up.

I laid on my back, let my head & hair hang off the edge of the bed and opened my mouth to invite him in.

“fuckin slut”  Without hesitation he placed his had around my neck & squeezed while he put his dick back in my mouth.

He took full advantage my mouth, fuckin my mouth the way he knew I liked. He took out every single emotion on me and pounded my mouth never letting go of my throat. Holding on to his legs, he made sure to get balls deep in my mouth. Occasionally he would release my neck & take his dick out to let me breath & watch my spit run down my face. Sticking my tongue out because I wanted him back in my mouth, he teased me by running the head over my lips then beat me tongue with his dick. UGH he knew I loved to be teased like this.

“daddy gimmie those balls” He wasn’t one to take orders, but when it comes to let me have suck him down, he never denied me. With my head still hanging off the edge of the bed he sat his balls in my mouth while he enjoyed himself. I sucked and slurped on his jewels, letting my tongue take control. Not wanting to be left out, I reached up to help stroke his dick, letting him know I’m the ultimate team player.

“shit you bout to make me nut” I heard him say as I continued to lick & suck on his balls.

“good cause I want daddy’s cum” I barely finished my sentenced before he let me have his dick down my throat one last time. His hand back around my neck, he was relentless. The sounds of his balls smacking against my face, his moans, me slurping, chocking & gagging filled the room. My face almost covered with my spit and his pre-cum. He squeezed tighter, went deeper and fucked harder. I felt his dick throbbing and I knew he was ready to let me have it. I dug my fingers in his legs to match how hard his grip was around my neck.

“fuck I’m bout to cum. Get on your knees” I followed his order and quickly got on my knees, my mouth was ready.

“close your mouth I want those lips” I shut my mouth just as his hot thick cum covered my lips. His hands entangled in my hair again he let out every drop across my lips. Making sure to not miss a spot. I wasted no time doing my best to suck out all he had, before trying to capture & swallow what was on my face.

Pleasantly proud of myself, I watched him lay back down and I headed for the bathroom before starting my day.

Enjoy what you read, enjoy what you see & enjoy what you feel here, but most of all enjoy yourself!


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