Why Lips & Vibrators?!?!

Hey Lovers,

If you’re new to this blog, I’m sure it’s probably crossed your mind at some point where the name Lips & Vibrators comes from. Honestly it is just a random name. I started it on Tumblr, because that tends to be the place that is very accepting of sex blogs.  You should definitely check it out….if you’re looking for something VERY raunchy, I got you covered over there.

But anyway, back to what I was saying. I started L&V a couple years ago right after Nicki Minaj released her anaconda video. I was completely turned on when I saw her bent over, ass giggling. Just everything about that video made me wet immediately.  That was different for me because I never really looked at Nicki in a sexual manner. At 1st it was just a side thing to do on tumblr, but I wanted to explore more and share my stories online. So I started to branch out with L&V.


Sadly as I was starting to cruise the web looking for more blog similar to what I wanted L&V to be, it is a struggle. Finding sex positive blogs owned & operated by black women for black women, is not east AT ALL. This is not to say anything is wrong with blogs owned by white women, but it made me think how many other women are looking blogs like mine.

I want Lips & Vibrators to be a platform for me as well as anyone who reads this blog to feel comfortable with whatever they find appealing or sexy. I want to share erotic stories, a sex toy review here & there,  and share photos of my favorite black couples and pornstars. I want to this space to be a place for black women (and men if they care to join in) won’t feel ashamed of being sexually open or ashamed of the fact that they like to have sex or ashamed that they enjoy porn or sex toys.

As black women, I find that if you’re open about the fact that you love your body, you love enjoying yourself sexually you’re deemed a hoe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an arsenal of sex toys. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with be non-monogamous as long as you are honest and open with yourself & your partners.

I am not new to the blogging world, but running a sex blog is completely uncharted territory for me and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared to do this. I will be running this blog anonymously, which I think leaves a little bit of intrigue. But I must say as I’ve been putting more time into my instagram (which you should totally follow BTW) I’m finding more and more bloggers and sex enthusiasts that cater to black sexuality, black love & black couples. I have a lot of things planned for L&V in 2018 and I hope you’re wanting to stick around for it all.

Enjoy what you read, enjoy what you see & enjoy what you feel here, but most of all enjoy yourself!



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