Touching Myself…Back to the Basics

Hey Vibers,

Recently within the last few months or so I’ve noticed something interesting about myself. I’ve found that when I’m horny and want to have some play time with myself, I haven’t been reaching for my vibrator or any of my toys. Which is sooooooo unlike me. I LOVE my toys. I love experimenting with different types of toys; glass, bullets, rabbits, plugs and more.

But ya girl has been going back to the basics; my fingers. I don’t know about any of you but my fingers were really how I learned how to play with myself to begin with. I didn’t really discover toys until college and it wasn’t until 2 or 3 years ago when toys became my primary form of making myself cum. And having sex partners how enjoyed watching my use my toys, it was very easy to sway further and further away from using my fingers. It’s been different and quite refreshing to going back to using my fingers. The sensation for rubbing on my clit is much more intense and very personal. Don’t get me wrong my rocket vibe is bomb lol. But truthfully there is nothing like REALLY feeling yourself.

To keep it 100, I was never one to like fingering myself, mostly because I wasn’t too good at it. I could never really figure out the right angle and quite frankly I hated how my hand would start to ache because I doing too much to find my spot. My struggle was too real lol. I use to watch porn (both professional & amateur) and always wanted to be able to make myself cum with my fingers and it was always an epic fail. However, fingering myself lately has been working out for me and I’m loving it right now. It’s almost like I’m relearning my body; what I like, and what gets my body excited. I love to get my fingers soaking wet and tease my clit. I love feeling my fingers penetrate my love pot and end up covered with my juices.

Being that I’ve been so wrapped up in my toys for so long, going back to my fingers was something totally unexpected and something I’m still getting use to. Please understand, my toys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But one thing about me, I like to rotate. I like to switch things up every so often and how I get myself off is no different. I rotate toys and now my fingers are back in rotation.

So I say all of this to say, ladies sometimes it’s okay to go back to the basics. Toys are amazing and are evolving on new levels ALL THE TIME. Most of us learned how to make ourselves using our fingers, so it’s okay to put the toys down.

Let me know what you think. Fingers or nah!


2 thoughts on “Touching Myself…Back to the Basics

  1. Masterbation is such a popular topic. I love it. I love doing it with my fingers and teaching others how to make me climax only using their fingers. It’s pretty awesome.


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