Erotica; Fantasy

*knock knock*

I stand outside his door my heart and clit throbbing at the same pace as I eagerly wait for him to answer the door. My hand on one hip. Wearing his favorite black heels. My long brown legs on full display for him. My dress swaying slightly as I feel the breeze pass over my wet pussy. No panties per his request.

He finally answers the door & I have to catch my breath. My body is immediately on fire just by how he says good morning to me. I always hated how he doesnt have to touch me to make me feel things. I’m surprised I didn’t just bend over & pull up dress right at the door.

Escorted to his room I lay on the bed. My dress rides up just enough to slightly expose my ass. Letting him know I followed his instructions. He caresses my left thigh as he lays next to me. Playing coy I let out a slight moan not wanting to compromise what little innocence I have left.

I stare at him intensely, biting my lip thinking about all the nasty things I need him to do to me. I invite myself to his full lips, and kissed him. Those lips always felt so good against mine and I instantly melt. He wraps my leg around him, making sure I can feel his hand rubbing on my thigh (he knows I love that) he reaches my ass rubbing & caressing it then pulls back & spanks me. God!!! I didn’t think it was possible for my pussy to get any wetter. He senses my eagerness. He spreads my legs and slides 2 fingers in my pussy.  My walls grip his fingers. He plants a few more kisses on my lips. I guess its his idea of torture; pleasing me but not letting me make noise while he worked his fingers in & out if me.

He slides his fingers out of my pussy rubs my juices on my clit. Teasing me just enough to make me grip the sheets. In a trance, his voice interrupts my moment. Telling me to put 2 fingers in my pussy. I watch him suck my juices off his fingers before he feeds me the rest. With his fingers still in my mouth, I slowly slide my fingers in my pussy.

I worked my pussy for him, never taking my eyes off him.

“Faster baby” his voice was low and sensual. And all I could do is listen. My moans were muffled by his fingers in my mouth. Every stroke of my fingers made my pussy cream. I was ready to cum. He knew my body so well that I didn’t have to tell him I was ready to explode. He took his fingers out of my mouth and placed his hand around my neck. He squeezed hard enough for me to feel his grip. He whispered in my ear “cum you nasty slut”. As I tried to moan louder his grip got tighter.

It was oddly satisfying having daddy choke me as I came hard all over my fingers. It was like our bodies were in sync. He released his grip of my neck as I slowly pulled my fingers out my pussy. I couldn’t resist. I rolled on to my back and started rubbing my clit. It felt so good feeling my wet fingers slide across my clit hitting my spot. He watched in amazement. His dick poking through his pants, he liked watching me play with my pussy. And I loved giving him a show.

He stood up, and started stroking his dick while he watched me rub on my pussy. And I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed his dick in my mouth. I crawled to the edge of the bed, moved his hand and took the head of his dick in my mouth. I yearn for that 1st moan when I wrap my lips around his dick. He places his hands on both sides of my face and slowly fucked my face. I made sure that I felt every vein slide through my lips. I sucked it hard. I sucked it slow. I licked it up and down make sure to not miss a spot.

With my ass in the air, he reached to spanked me over & over. Hard enough for me to feel the sting, but soft enough to remind me that it can & will get more intense. When my ass was slightly red, he slowly stuck a finger in my ass. I moaned as loud as I could with his dick in my mouth.

He finger fucked my ass while pushing my head down on his dick. He knew me so well. Deep throating his dick was my favorite thing to do. Having his dick down my throat, his balls slapping against my chin, choking on his dick all made my pussy scream for him. The more I gagged and choked the louder his moans became. The sounds of sloppy wet head mixed with his moans was all I needed in the moment. It liked to fuck my mouth like it was pussy. Hard, rough & deep. Because a slut lives to make sure her daddy enjoys himself.

He kept fucking my face. Not easing up at all, because he knows I can take it. I bobbed my head up & down on his dick. My spit mixed with his pre-cum dripping from my mouth. My hands playing this is balls. I wanted his cum. I needed him shoot his cum down my throat. He wasn’t ready to cum yet, so he pulled back, reluctantly of course.

“give me that ass” he demanded of me. I turned around, hiked up my dress and spread my ass. I wanted him to fill my hole so badly and her knew that. He entered me so easily and he wasted no time pounding my ass the way only he could. Strong, deep, and rough.  He entangled his fingers in my hair pulling hard with every stroke.

To fully take over my body, every sensation, every fiber of my being he pushed my face into the bed with his hand on the back of my neck squeezing slightly, digging as deep as her could go in my ass. Take out every single emotion he has inside he, Taking my ass…owning my ass. I reached around to spread my cheeks so I could feel even more of him, to fully ensure that he was balls deep.

Before long, I knew he was ready and I needed him to release. His breath got shorter and quicker. He squeezed my neck tighter

“shit baby I’m bout to nut” he moaned out the best he could.

“give it to me please.” I begged. He liked it when I begged him for his cum, it always sent him over the edge. His strokes got harder and faster. I could tell he was trying to hang on for me. But when he was ready….he let it go. He filled up my ass with all his cum. The more he released, the tighter his grip was on my neck the more of his strength I could feel.

When he pulled it out nice a slow so I can feel every vein intricacies of him. I know he enjoys the sight of my ass spread seeing his cum drip from ass hole. He spanked me one last time and went to clean himself up. I simply relaxed on the bed eagerly awaiting his return for round 2.


Enjoy what you read, enjoy what you see & enjoy what you feel here, but most of all enjoy yourself!


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