My Nipples are Off Limits

janet jackson

Hey vibers

Okay soooooooo I’m pretty sure I’m the only female that hates her nipples being played with lol. Yes you read that right. I promise you I don’t what’s wrong with me but I’ve always been very adamant about the fact that I don’t like when my partner plays with my nipples during sex. That is one of the quickest ways to turn me ALL THE WAY off. Like my vagina gets instantly dry….full on Sahara desert.

For me the sensation of feeling someone’s fingers on my nipples really annoys the life out of me. Y’all know what I’m talking about; when dudes take your nipple between their index finger & thumb and rub back and forth. Lord that mess drives me nuts and not in a good way. It breaks my concentration because I go from enjoying the passion to think “my God can he please stop touching my nipples” and fam that ain’t sexy at all. It just doesn’t feel good to me. I don’t mind soft licking or some sucking but it has to be the right person doing it.

There is really only one, quite literally only one person that I’ve allowed in my life to enjoy my nipples. He knows who he is, and took great pride to how me made my tits feel.

Every time I talk to my homegirls about it or even my guy friends, they’re always so surprised when I say I don’t like my nipples being played with. My homegirls are like “are you crazy?!?! That’s the best.” And I’m over her like “nah, I’m all set on that” lol My guys friends feel so defeated like I just completely ruined everything they every thought about me. Lol It’s quite comical actually.

PLEASE tell me I’m not alone with this concept. Tell me are you a chick that likes to have her nipples played with or are you like me where you could do without that. Let me know.




3 thoughts on “My Nipples are Off Limits

  1. You are not alone!!! I feel like I’m weirdly sensitive about a lot of touch things, so I chalked it up to that. I have knee issues and things feel weirder and more painful than they would to others so when the doc gets out that goddamn triangle hammer I act like he just got out a needle. But yeah. IF I like any nipple stim it’s hard sucking but nothing else. I’m so sensitive about my nipples that I can’t watch porn where there’s teeth + nipples (I just literally covered my own while thinking of that) and I can’t even handle seeing pierced nipples.


  2. what?! Girl i am the opposite. you have to play with my nipple. i love it when my partner pinches and tugs on them. it drives me crazy.


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