He Said Let it Grow

Hey Vibers,

By a show of hands, how many of you are bald down there? I know I am, I’ve been the one to shave if I knew I was about to get down with a dude. I am not a fan of having hair down there when I know I’m about to bust it open. That is until I met this guy I use to date a few years ago.

He was significantly older than me; new, foreign for me. Him and I were having a conversation about what we like sexually and he asked me if I was shaved. I answered YES with the quickness. I was proud of being bare. Immediately I saw his face change, not in disgust, more like disappointment. He said that he likes a little bit of hair down there.

I was completely caught off guard because I had never come across a guy that said he ACTUALLY liked a little bit of a bush. I told him that it never occurred to me that guys like hair.  I was so use to a routine. I knew that if I was going to intimate with a guy, that I needed to be clean and shaved. Not that any other lovers had an opinion either way, I just knew what worked for me.

This guy however, this guy was different. From the moment we first kissed my body tingled from my temples to my clit. When he pressed his body against mine, I couldn’t get enough of him.

As he was rubbing my thigh he said in his sweet raspy voice “Can I make a request? If you know I’m coming to town, would you consider letting it grow a bit for me.”

I melted instantly. His eyes were intense and I knew he meant business. I wanted to argue him down and make every excuse in the world as to WHY I wouldn’t or couldn’t contemplate trying something different.

Now be for ya’ll judge me, he was not a rolling stone, he did not live in my state, and traveled extensively for work. But I digress…

“I’ll consider it” In my head, I knew I would do it because in this moment I knew no one lit my body on fire the way he did. I knew I wanted our bodies to blend and a good fuck both mentally and physically is worth switching somethings up.

A smile crept across his face and he “You know I make no demands of you. If you don’t want to or you’re uncomfortable with that, then I’m cool with whatever you choose”. I blushed and nodded at his request.

Let me know your thoughts? Would you let it grow for your significant other?



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