I’m a 20 something Jersey chick having fun exploring things that help shape her fantasies. Lips & Vibrators is a safe space for women of color to share their experiences, Share their stories and share their advice about what helps shape their fantasies as well as mine.

Lips & Vibrators will feature original fiction and non-fiction erotic stories, solicited advice, toy/product reviews and fun resources.

Lips & Vibrators is about being able to enjoy the things I fantasize about and I just want to share some of those thoughts and experiences with the world. I’m gonna keep in real, raw, candid and fun. Nothing more, nothing less and I want you along for the ride.

To get in contact with me, simply email me LipsandVibrators@gmail.com. In the subject line please let me know what your request is; story submission, adivce request, product review etc.

I hope you enjoy Lips & Vibrators!

-Ms. L&V